Two-Way Outage Texting
person on phone

Reporting an outage just got easier! SmartHub’s new two-way texting feature provides an easy, convenient way for you to report outages.

You must have a SmartHub account to use this feature. To sign up for SmartHub, click here or download the free SmartHub app.

Make sure your cell phone number is listed as a Messenger contact in SmartHub. To do so, sign into your SmartHub account and select Notifications> Manage Contacts> Add Phone Contact. It will take up to 48 hours for a new phone number to be recognized by the outage notification system. If you need assistance registering or updating a cell phone number, call us at 513-867-4400.

Text your outage

If an outage occurs, text OUT to 855-940-3867, which is our outage number. You will receive a reply that the outage was reported successfully.
Please note: Two-way outage texting is not available for members with multiple Butler Rural Electric Cooperative accounts.