Thank you to those who contribute to Community Connection!

Your donations have funded over $1.5 million in grants to improve our community since September 1994!


The next Community Connection application deadline is March 1. The Community Connection Board of Trustees will meet March 13 to award spring grants.


Butler Rural Community Connection provides grants to local non-profit groups, schools, and organizations in portions of Butler, Montgomery, Preble and Hamilton counties. Funds for the program come from cooperative members and employees who voluntarily contribute to Community Connection each month. Some members choose to allow their monthly electric bills to be rounded to the next dollar amount, and the extra change is allocated to Community Connection. Other members and employees choose to donate a specific amount each month, or give a one-time donation.



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Any non-profit group, school, or organization located within Butler Rural Electric Cooperative's service territory is eligible to apply. Those who cannot apply for grants include political candidates and political parties. Organizations or groups who intend to use the grant money to pay their utility bills are not eligible to apply.

The maximum grant amount is $5,000. However, no request is too small. You may have additional pages with the application. Please do not exceed five pages. Please provide five copies of the application and any supporting material (up to five pages total).

  • Include a list of the itemized costs for the project. A portion of the amount requested may be awarded if the Community Connection board of trustees choose not to fund the entire grant.
  • If you are requesting a specific type of equipment, include a picture or description of the item. Many groups include advertisements from vendors that list the price and description of the item they need. This will not commit you to a specific vendor.
  • Grants for Apple devices must be purchased by your organization or grant recipient. Butler Rural Community Connection will directly reimburse your organization or the purchaser.
  • The Community Connection board of trustees reviews all applications.
  • Funds are awarded in September and March of each year. The meeting date is posted on the cooperative's website as soon as it is decided. You will be contacted by letter after the meeting. The grant winners are also posted on the cooperative's website.

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Five Butler Rural Electric Cooperative members serve on the Community Connection board of trustees. Each board member lives in different areas of the cooperative’s service territory and has diverse backgrounds and experiences. These members volunteer their time to serve on the Community Connection board and have a drive to do something positive for the community. They review hundreds of grant applications each year.

From left is Tom Laming, Janet Jewell, John Hofmann, Monica Neeley, and Don Kidd.

In the fall of 2023, Community Connection received 64 applications requesting over $130,000. The Butler Rural Community Connection Board of Trustees met on September 13, 2023 and awarded 43 grants, totaling $39,608 to the following organizations and groups.

Community Connection grant recipients from September 13, 2023

Organization Grant Purpose Award
Animal Friends Humane Society Animal Microchipping $800
Bogan Elementary Wheelchair Swing/Sensory Corner $909.80
Bogan Elementary Parent Teacher Group Books & Rewards for Program $500
Butler County Educational Service Center Baby Supplies for Assistance Program $1,277
Butler County Educational Service Center Food Pantry Assistance $1,500
Camden Comeback Surface Mats $500
Colerain Township Department of Fire and EMS Training Resources $767
First Baptist Church of Auburn Children's Bedding $500
Friends of Neighbors in Need Backpack Program $1,500
Germantown Fire & EMS Battery Powered Tools $930
Gratis EMS Vacuum Splint Kits $820
Greater Oxford Community Foundation Dental Assistance for Students $3,000
Harrison Junior School Classroom Resource Tools $750
Hope's Closet Personal Item-Assistance $3,520
Madison Elementary Books $750
Madison Middle School Rocket Program $850
Madison Township Fire Department Equipment Battery Packs $900
Marshall Elementary Gym Equipment $900
Marshall Elementary Online Curriculum Lesson Plan $299
Marshall Elementary Ceramics Supplies $800
New Miami Fire Department Rescue Tools $650
New Miami Police Department Emergency Response Kits $461.88
Open Hands Food Pantry Food Pantry Assistance  $1,500
Oxford Cat Rehab c/o Maketank Inc.  Cat Rehab Materials $1,100
Oxford Empty Bowls Ceramic Supplies $1,577
Oxford Women's Care Center Signery for Care Center $700
Parachute: Butler County CASA Volunteer Training $1,400
Power To The People Utility Assistance $2,220
Ross High School FCCLA Community Service Projects $1,000
Ross Intermediate School PTO Playground Equipment $770
Southwest Local School District AED $949
St. Clair Township Fire Department Washer and Dryer Unit $540
Talawanda High School FCCLA Community Service Project $1,000
Talawanda Middle School School-Wide Read Aloud Event $720
Talawanda Middle School Classroom Learning Robot $799
Trenton Fire Department  Batteries $700
Union County College Corner Joint School District  Fall Festival $1,000
Village of Camden K9 Crusier $750
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