We offer rebates to members who install geothermal systems. If you are having a geothermal system installed, please contact us prior to the installation to make sure it qualifies for our geothermal program. There is also paperwork that will need to be completed by the member and geothermal contractor.  Find out about geothermal and the incentives offered below. 

About Geothermal

Geothermal is the most energy efficient and economical resource for heating and cooling your home and it is right in your own backyard. The concept is simple. A water-based solution circulates through plastic pipes (called a loop) placed underground or submerged in a pond. Heat is absorbed and carried to the geothermal unit, which extracts the heat, compresses it to higher temperatures and distributes it through the home. The process is reversed in the summer by removing heat from the home and providing very comfortable air conditioning. Geothermal heat pumps provide efficiencies as high as 300% to 450%.

Horizontal Loop System

Vertical Loop System

View information about our geothermal program below.

Butler Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc. offers the following geothermal rebates:

  • $1,200 for the purchase of a new geothermal system*
  • $600 for the purchase of a replacement geothermal system*

Members with qualifying geothermal systems also receive a reduced kilowatt-hour rate on a portion of their electrical usage. The geothermal discount rate is a $.02 credit per kilowatt-hour used between 1001-2501 kilowatt-hours from September through May. 

In order to qualify for the geothermal rebate, members must use a contractor from our participating Geothermal Contractor List. All contractors are International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) certified and have agreed to install systems according to cooperative standards.

Loans are available at a fixed 4.5% interest rate. For more information on loans, click here.

*Incentives can change and are not guaranteed. Call the office to confirm current program incentives prior to geothermal installation.

If you are having a geothermal system installed, please contact the cooperative prior to installation to ensure it qualifies for our geothermal program. There is paperwork that will need to be completed by your geothermal contractor. In addition, you must sign an agreement that explains the requirements of the geothermal program.

  • The geothermal system must be an all-electric system and be the only source of heat in the home (any other types of heat must be removed). This does not include fireplaces or wood stoves.
  • The geothermal system must be installed by a contractor on our Geothermal Contractor List.
  • The loop must be closed and only plastic pipe (such as polybutylene) may be used for the loop installation. Direct expansion systems do not qualify.
  • The geothermal system installed must be Energy Star certified and have a minimum EER of 17.1 and minimum COP of 3.6.
  • Members with distributed generation are not eligible for this program.
  • Members with lighting, seasonal, net metering, or net billing accounts are not eligible for this program.

Download our Geothermal Booklet for more information.

Click here for a full list of heating and cooling contractors who are qualified installers of geothermal systems.

Click here to view the Energy Star's website for more information about the federal tax credit for geothermal.