Our Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is an integrated system of equipment, communications, and information management systems. It provides members with many benefits, including near real-time meter readings and future savings. AMI helps us to respond to outages more quickly and efficiently, which gets your power on faster and saves money.

With AMI, we are able to regularly read your meter through messages sent from your meter to our office along power lines. The readings are downloaded on a daily basis to provide information for energy consumption, billing, outages and system maintenance.

You can view your meter readings by logging in to your SmartHub account.


Find out more about AMI below.

  • Improved outage management for you and your co-op neighbors.
  • More flexibility to utilize technology that will directly benefit you.
  • Improved efficiency of crew dispatching because of more accurate outage predictions.
  • Reduce the number of "false alarms" that require a crew to be dispatched.
  • Allows miscellaneous operations activities to be performed remotely.
  • Improves your ability to troubleshoot issues that may be occurring in the home.
  • Improves consistency of monthly billing cycles.

What is AMI?
Automated Metering Infrastructure. AMI provides two-way communication between the cooperative and your meter. This allows us to read electric meters more efficiently and assists during outages. AMI is the backbone of the “Smart Grid” system.

How do I know if my meter is working properly?
The meter will flash a series of "8's" and then will flash the current meter reading. When there is a power outage, the meter will go blank and the reading will be restored after power is restored.

What if my meter displays a reading but I have no power inside my home?
If the meter still displays a reading but you do not have power, the issue is inside your home and you will need to contact an electrician for a repair.

How will AMI benefit me?

  • The co-op is a not-for-profit organization and remains member focused, so the AMI system is being utilized to benefit you and keep your rates as low as possible.

  • AMI benefits you during outages. After an outage is reported to our office, the AMI system begins checking your neighbors’ meters to see if they are without power also. This allows us to have a better idea of why the outage has occurred and how many members it is affecting.

  • AMI allows us to instantly check the status of your service. This is important because it can help us determine if a crew needs dispatched to your home.

Will my electric service be interrupted during a meter exchange?
Yes, but only momentarily. If you are home, a technician will attempt to make contact with you prior to the exchange. Please make sure to follow manufacturers’ recommendations to protect your equipment and data.


My meter was exchanged recently, why are are you doing it again?
The cooperative is required to test the accuracy of meters on a periodic basis. A recent meter exchange may have been completed for compliance to this requirement.