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We support the installation of new renewable energy systems and offer a distributed generation program, called "Net Billing", for qualifying systems. The program enables owners of on-site solar or wind systems to receive power from both the cooperative and a solar or wind system. When solar or wind generation exceeds the building’s electricity requirement, the excess is purchased by Buckeye Power, our power supplier. When the renewable energy is not generating enough electricity for the building requirements, we supply the power needed.

Is the Distributed Generation, or Net Billing Program, right for you?

Review the cooperative’s Distributed Generation Manual below for policies, agreement templates, and an application for interconnecting to our system.

Please note, the manual covers many different scenarios, from a small residential installation up to a larger commercial size venture where standard distributed generation does not apply. A majority of members are able to focus on one agreement in section F of the manual, along with the application in Section E. Also applicable, sections A, B, C, D and M are policies, technical guidelines and rate information which the cooperative will follow with regards to the installation. You can verify the applicability using the questionnaire in the front of the manual.

  • An accessible, lockable disconnect device must be installed with the system and proof of a county electrical inspection is required.
  • Installations with the potential to export power onto the Butler Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc. distribution system are required to be FERC Certified Qualifying Facilities. For more information, please go to
  • Insurance requirements for interconnected generators are defined in the Distributed Generation Manual. Please check with your insurance carriers to determine eligibility and costs prior to purchasing equipment.
  • In accordance with Butler Rural Electric Cooperative policies, use of distributed generation resources will prevent or end participation in the cooperative’s Geothermal, Dual Fuel and Air-to-Air Heat Pump programs.
  • Policies and Rate Schedules are subject to periodic review and modification at the discretion of the Board of Trustees of Butler Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc.

There is a $360 application fee for Distributed Generation.