Our leadership team is committed to ensuring all of our members receive great value through the delivery of safe, reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy solutions. In addition, they aim to ensure that the cooperative remains efficient and focused on adding value to the membership as well as the communities we serve.



Thomas Wolfenbarger, General Manager

Tom Wolfenbarger

Tom oversees all day-to-day activities for the cooperative and works with the Board and staff to achieve the vision for the future. He provides leadership and develops/implements strategic plans to ensure the Cooperative is responsive to its members, employees and the electric utility industry.

Julie Abbott, Director of Administration

Julie Abbott

Julie is responsible for planning, directing and coordinating activities for administrative and personnel affairs in an accurate and uniform manner, maintaining confidentiality at all times.

Michael Murray, Director of Operations

Mike Murray

Mike is responsible for the operations and maintenance of the cooperative's distribution system facilities to assure adequate system capacity, service reliability, and the operation, construction, and maintenance of these systems. He also oversees all facility improvements and maintenance.

Evan Rauch, Manager of Accounting & Finance / CFO

Evan Rauch

Evan oversees the financial activities of the cooperative, including financial forecasting, budgeting, financial reporting to Members, Board, auditors, and regulatory agencies.

Laura Smith, Director of Corporate & Member Services

Laura Smith

Laura oversees member services, including communications, marketing, and billing and the cooperative’s information technology, including software, hardware, and networks needs. She is responsible for the administrative functions of all system’s applications.

Adam Osborn, Manager of Safety and Compliance

Adam Osborn

Adam is responsible for researching, coordinating and implementing the cooperative's compliance and safety procedures and programs and addressing public safety and environmental issues. He is also responsible for monitoring and implementing safety practices in accordance with current federal, state, local and other regulatory agencies' rules and regulations.

Cody Holthaus, Manager of Engineering

Cody Holthaus

Cody oversees the cooperative's engineering activities, including equipment specification, protection system coordination and mapping, SCADA and metering functions. He is responsible for managing system planning including load growth, distributed generation and transmission interconnection.